AVNU offers valuable education and training that can help support your work in the arts and in the community. If you take part in AVNU activities from at least 3 different partner organizations, your special commitment is recognized with an AVNU Certificate.

1) AVNU Certificate holders are eligible to apply for a Learning Journey (free travel) through our partnership with Schools Without Borders. In 2015, AVNU Certificate holder Aisha Addo travelled to Accra, Ghana — stay tuned for a video report-back on Aisha’s Learning Journey.

2) This year AVNU Certificate holders will also be eligible to apply to a pool of funds to continue their personal and professional development.

Details for the 2016 Learning Journey and Professional Develop Funds application process will be rolled-out in April 2016. 

Participants who take part in the Art of Facilitation training series can work with AVNU to gain hands-on facilitation experience and be included in a Directory of Facilitators.

Listings of upcoming workshops and activities that qualify for a certificate can be found on the AVNU website, under Events.

If you have questions about getting certified by AVNU, please contact info@avnu.ca