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How Do You Learn?

How Do You Learn? from AVNU on Vimeo.

How Do You Learn Transcript

Transcribed by Fonna Seidu

(Intro) Zoey: With the anticipation of education shared in the indigenous nations /makes for new creation of sisters /mass producing a wave of educative natives /like the creator has saved us/they came in a ship to try and play us now they just agitated us and strategically strayed from economic stagnation cuzz.

Question: How do you learn best?

Zoey: I think it’s important to think critically about what we are reading in school. And so the way I learn best is by actually going into the communities and hearing it from the people, hearing their stories so that I’m able to empathize with that true history

Jayrobi: learning to me is like being a student of life. You know, whether it be through your culture, whether it be through the hip hop art forms, whether it be just talking to an elder, talking to youth

Allie: I learn best through reading. Not just reading school books but fiction, non- fiction, Wikipedia pages, encyclopedias, newspapers, the back of food boxes, anything. I learn best through reading

Leandra: I learn best by doing and watching other people do

Mazin: Okay, I learn best by forcing myself into a environment that fosters whatever skill or whatever technical skill, or anything that basically I want to learn best. So for you to do that you can actually volunteer, you can actually intern, you can actually go to folks who you know who happen to be the best or happen to be the best at the skill that you actually want to project or learn. From there you can ask them how do they do it and find out if they can give you the same resources that they went to.

Nakisha: I definitely just learn with people – I guess. I take from people and… hands on. Yeah, I definitely say I learn hands on and with people

Irfan, I learn best by doing. So, I think a good example of that is when I started DJing, I was actually living in Japan at the time and I was playing music off my ipod at the bar. And this friend who was a DJ (I didn’t know it at the time) was kinda telling me “play this song and next this kind of song, and this kind of song” and he was guiding me through it. As he did, I saw people at the bar getting more and more into it, they were dancing more. I didn’t quite get what was going on but there was a really powerful feeling of like “Oh wow! I’m like a puppeteer or something!”

Bright: Two things that make me work best are pressure and communication. When I say pressure I’m talking about times and deadlines in which a team or an individual has to meet and communication is properly articulated, the needs and the wants of your goals and objectives that you’re tryina reach.