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Job Post – Arts Lab Coordinator

Date Posted: March 20, 2015
Closing Date: March 31, 2015

Date of Interview: April 7, 2015
Start Date: April 20, 2015

Salary: $10,000 for approximately 10 hours per week

City: Toronto
Term: Contract – April 20, 2015 to April 30, 2016

Organization Description

Manifesto Community Projects is a non-profit organization working to unite, energize, support and celebrate Toronto’s vibrant and diverse urban arts community, connect it nationally and globally, and find innovative ways of working together toward common goals. Manifesto Community Projects is the administrative lead for Arts Lab, a community arts collaborative initiative.

Job Description

Arts Lab Coordinator – Your strong experience in community arts, project management, on the ground programming, event planning, research and grant writing experience will prove invaluable when you join the Arts Lab Coordinator role.

Reporting to the Executive Director of the Manifesto Community Projects, and as part of the Arts Lab initiative, you will research, develop and facilitate the Arts Lab program by drawing on your range of skills and experience listed above.

What is the Arts Lab Initiative?

Arts Lab started in 2012 as an initiative from the Creative Capital Gains Report led by the City of Toronto and community arts partners that seek to transform the youth arts business sector through collaboration and strategic planning with community partners to enhance future opportunities for youth seeking careers through the arts or starting creative businesses.

In 2015/2016 the Arts Lab will pilot a cohort of youth artists/creative entrepreneurs through the concept of the “ladder of opportunity” to facilitate their career paths through the existing opportunities, programs and networks in Toronto, as well as to help build the resilience and long term sustainability of the cohort participants. More details are available at

The focus for the Arts Lab Coordinator will be to facilitate and document the cohort process with a full reflective report at the end of the 2015 cohort pilot process one month after the completion of the pilot at the end of March 2016.


Primary responsibilities will include:

– Data collection, synthesis and analysis which will culminate in a project-end reflective report on the 2015 Arts Lab pilot cohort experience.

– Working closely with the “future options counsellors” (career counsellors from each of the community arts organizations that put forward the cohort participants) to provide the best next step environment for the cohort participants.

– Tracking, monitoring and documenting the learning process of the cohort participants. This will include receiving and processing bi-weekly logs from the cohort participants/mentor and monthly logs from the “future options counsellors,” processing the information and reporting back to the Executive Director of Manifesto and the Senior Arts Development Coordinator, Arts Services, City of Toronto.

– Developing a reflective report at the end of the cohort pilot that also informs the 2016 cohort process.

– Fundraising for the 2016 Arts Lab cohort by submitting grant applications to the appropriate funders/sponsors in conjunction with the supervisor/Senior Arts Development Coordinator/ Advisory Committee.


Your application for the role of Arts Lab Coordinator must describe your qualifications as they relate to:

– Post-secondary education in a discipline pertinent to the job function (i.e., community arts, arts management, not-for-profit management, etc) with the broad experience in project management and event planning or an approved combination of education and experience.

– Strong research skills including the ability to process and interpret data obtained from varied sources (i.e. from the cohort participants, mentors and future options counsellors) in multiple formats (art-based narratives, written and oral reports, testimonials, etc).

– Experience working with youth in community arts programming/outreach, etc.

– Experience in planning large meetings with break-out sessions amongst program participants, mentors and the project’s Advisory Committee (over 30 people in multiple meeting formats on the same day).

– Monitoring project budgets (mainly meeting expenses) and honorariums to cohort participants, mentors and the future options counsellors.

You must also have:

– Ability to take initiative and work independently, taking ownership of a project as well as being a strong team player in fulfilling the Arts Labs goals.

– Demonstrated ability to solve problems with minimal supervision and to work effectively individually and as a team member.

– Demonstrated ability research, data collection and interpretation, synthesis and reporting in a succinct manner, and exhibiting creative, strategic thinking.

– Strong event planning and organizational skills.

– Excellent oral communication and presentation skills, with the ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with the participants and their contributing organizations, in relation to career development opportunities for the cohort participants.

– Excellent writing and web-based skills.


To apply: Please send in your cover letter and resume to Dwayne Dixon, Executive Director, Manifesto Community Projects by email at before midnight on the closing date stated above.