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Open Badges at SKETCH!

In order to recognize the many different learning’s that you can receive from the trainings and opportunities that our partners provide, AVNU will be using Open Badges as a digital credential to recognize, showcase, and share the many hard and soft skills available within the collaborative. Between September 21st and November 2015, AVNU will be working alongside our partner SKETCH Working Arts in providing digital credentials known as Open Badges!

You are probably wondering what I mean by “Open Badges”. Most people right out the gate think Girl Scout badges, which in theory, is the source of inspiration that led to the creation of badges as digital credentials. But isn’t actually what we are talking about here. Badges are a digital credential that represents an individual’s skills, interests, and achievements. Among other uses, badges can convey an individual student’s core academic content knowledge, as well as other twenty-first-century competencies that cannot be measured by traditional learning assessments in formal educational institutions.

Badges You Earn at SKETCH!

Between September 21st and November 26th, you can earn any of the three badges above while participating in the following programming at SKETCH: Beat Making, Visual Arts, Textiles, Sup(per) on A Tuesday, Weave, Street Voices, Silk Screening, Art Hustle, Movement, and Lifted by Purpose. To find more info on each of these programs please kick here!

For a list of FAQs and answers on the Badge program, click here!