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Our Vision

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What We Do

AVNU is a creative community of grassroots knowledge where young people are both the learners and the teachers. AVNU creates spaces for young people to build and share knowledge, resources, skills, and networks. By providing a coordinated point of access to workshops, networking and mentorship, AVNU offers young people opportunities, interaction, connections, and certification. Through experiential learning, expanded networks, and access to resources, AVNU gives young people the tools and access they need to create positive change in themselves and their communities.

Who We Are

AVNU is a collaborative initiative of 8 community organizations: ArtReach Toronto, Grassroots Youth Collaborative, Manifesto Community Projects, Neighbourhood Arts Network, NIA Centre, Schools Without Borders, Sketch, and Toronto Youth Cabinet.

Our Vision for the Future

At AVNU, our vision is a collaborative community of learning where young people are encouraged to ask questions and be creative, feel valued for their lived experiences, and experience personal growth and development. AVNU aims to transform education through meaningful learning experiences that result in real positive change for young people.