AVNU Marketing Series

Through this toolkit series on marketing, you will be provided with insight from industry professionals, step-by-step guides that match the tools you have as well as your skill level, and links for you to further your learnings online.

  • AVNU Marketing Series: Marketing Magic

    First impressions are everything, and getting someone to understand what you have to offer in a way that benefits them and your project or company is key. The opportunity to pitch your project, whether it be to investors, organizations, or the press is your change to let your project shine. If you have been preparing your project materials concurrently with this curriculum, you should have all the pieces necessary to bring your pitch together. This section will let you know what you need to make your pitch an effective one.

  • AVNU Marketing Series: Prepping Press Kits

    Your press kit is a way of promoting the product or services your project can provide, in a visually appealing way for media, investors, and potential clients to learn about all that you have to offer. In the past, one would have to hire someone to coordinate the creation of a press kit, but in this section you will learn how to make one yourself, that not only can be used as a traditional press kit (that is printed and handed out) as well as an electronic press kit (you guessed it…a digital file to distribute!). Often times press kits will be formatted with an emphasis on credentials before any of your products or services are shown. We’re going to flip that and showcase it while building supporting evidence around it.

  • AVNU Marketing Series: Starting Social

    Your digital presence is absolutely crucial when it comes to getting people to learn more about what you have to offer. You can only reach out to so many people in person since that requires you to go our into the world and find people to talk to about what your product or service is. However, if done right, your website and social media platforms will bring those people to you. This section will show you how developing a brand’s voice and appearance, setting up your website and social media, as well as your search engine optimization (SEO) will lead to people finding your brand online amongst the 1 billion websites throughout the world.

  • AVNU Marketing Series: Capturing Content

    Before you can begin promoting and capturing your project or business you need to learn what tools you need, and how to best use them. In the following section we will be discussing the image and video assets to your project or business in this section. Your assets will be used as a media bank by anyone involved to pull from wherever marketing materials are created. The primary focus is capturing images and video correctly with the equipment you have available to you, this ensures that the media you produce is refined. By the end of this section you should have a clear idea of what you want to shoot, how to shoot and edit, as well as how to properly store it.

  • AVNU Marketing Series: Business Basics

    In this section, we cover the basics of your business or project. One constant you will find in this section is the idea of finding a problem and providing a solution for it. This is the foundation to your business. We will also look at your brand and workflow and begin to piece together important parts of your business. With the pieces determined, we look at how to effectively write a company description and business plan.