• Arts Engagement and Quality of Life

    SKETCH is a community arts development initiative creating equitable opportunities for diverse young people between the ages of 15-29, living homeless, street-involved and otherwise marginalized.

    ‘More initiatives and programs are emerging which use the arts with marginalized populations. However, there is not always a widespread recognition of the profound impact this programming has on youths’ lives, and its value beyond a recreational activity.

    We wanted to investigate more about this impact: what benefits does artmaking and participation in creative community bring? How does it enhance youths’ personal, social, artistic, and professional lives? Does it have impacts on their physical and emotional health, and their greater quality of life?

  • Art-Based Evaluation 101

    Improvisation, openness, risk and play are at the heart of creative activity. Why not put that kind of free play to work for evaluation? When Art-Based Evaluation is combined with other evaluation methods it helps provide a well-rounded picture of the impact of a project for participants, facilitators, project planners and funders.

  • Evaluation 101

    Maybe you’ve started thinking about evaluation or started collecting data, such as, attendance or retention numbers, or perhaps you end each program by distributing a questionnaire to get some feedback from participants. All of that is great! These are some of the building blocks for an evaluation plan. Having a plan in place will help you get the most out of the information you collect.