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Youth Feature – Cara Eastcott from Tangled Art + Disability

Cara - AVNUYouth Feature

Cara - AVNUYouth Feature
Youth Feature – Cara Eastcott from Tangled Art + Disability

Transcribed by Fonna Seidu


[Question not shown: Do you have any tips for young folks who are new or emerging in their chosen field?]
A very important thing to have as a young person, trying to get into your field, is clarity in what you want.


Hey what’s up my name is Cara Eastcott and I am the Outreach and Community Engagement Coordinator for Tangled Art and Disability.


Question: Can you tell us more about Tangled?
Tangled Art and Disability is a multidisciplinary festival that showcases professional artists with disabilities.


Question: What steps did you take to acquire the position you hold today?
Volunteering. I started out as a volunteer about three years ago at Tangled, which was called Abilities Arts Festival and from there I wouldn’t leave the organization.


Question: How do you practice Self Care?
I think it’s a multi-tiered approach. For my mental health, planning really helps me and goal-setting. It helps me have a clear mind and see what’s coming in the near future so that I’m not stressed out. For physical health I try to eat really well and I walk as much as I can instead of maybe taking the TTC (if I have time I walk somewhere), basket ball, yoga…
And another really important thing is community healing and collective healing from friends. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who sort of think similarly to you and cushion yourself around folks who believe in you and believe in similar things that you do.


Question: How do you learn best?
A lot of my education has been done outside of the classroom and it’s been through people and my relationships with people. I can really give a lot of credit to people of this city, story tellers of this city. Whether it’s hip hop artists or theatre performers who are sharing their stories or issues going on – in the city and in the world. I really learn best by seeing and learning through stories it really seems to get through to me.


Question: Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Outta Your mind is a 10 week workshop program we are working on right now. Thanks to the sponsorship of Inspirit Foundation and Art Rreach Toronto. Basically this will take young aspiring artists with disabilities through different storytelling forms: spoken word, monologue creation, emceeing, hip hop, freestyling… The main goal is to provide space for people to find their voice and start shaping their artistic form. So we are super excited about that.